ImageAid Makeup Academy 对于栽培未来的专业化妆师们向来保持着高度的热忱以及坚持。我们同时也提供高素质的化妆服务在柔佛以及全马各个地区甚至邻国新加波。学院教学团队由创办人Livia 丽薇雅亲自挑选及栽培的导师组成,着重在“力行”而不只是对话试的教学,提供了更加专业以及便于了解的课程内容,各个课程都是为未来的专业化妆师们而量身定制的。


学院在 2015 年由 在化妆业界12年的经验的 Livia 丽薇雅创办,主要宗旨是通过自己在职场的经验,创立一个符合学员们需求的化妆课程,导师们通过我们的教学系统以及方法来教育未来的化妆师们能够掌握各种技术,以确保学员们毕业后都能成为独当一面的专业化妆师!

ImageAid Makeup Academy consists of a highly motivated and passionate make up and hairstyling professionals. We provide the best solutions to our clients based in Johor and around the country. A personally hand picked team formed by Livia offers nothing but customized services to all our students.


Established in 2015 by Livia Tee, the prime goal of the institution is to offer a consultancy based approach allowing us to communicate better with students to understand their learning needs. Our fast growing team guided by our founder implements new teaching methodologies and systems to ensure the success of our students and their future career aspirations.